Rabid bats, nude hikers, and sewage

(…and a plethora of other really great stuff!)

Welcome back! We know you don’t always have time to read an entire blog post…so, to help you out, this post will be a variety of snapshots into our lives. Enjoy!

  • Plugging up our sewer system – requiring a new sewage pipe, a few uncomfortable days of doing certain “business” at work or others’ houses, and a day full of yard-work and trench-digging to prepare for the new edition to our house
  • Hiking in the Sangre de Cristo mountains – soaking up the fall sunshine and gorgeous aspen, and hiking on a “clothing optional” trail and running into one half-nude hiker
  • seeing the site of an old mining town
  • checking out a bat cave where 250,000 Brazilian bats live for the summer during their migration (where a woman was bit by a rabid bat the other week)
  • pita bread baking
  • inviting friends over for dinner and eating at other friends’ houses
  • Eva attended the Pikes Peak Restorative Justice Symposium (Colorado Springs) and a training for The Council for Boys and Young Men (Los Alamos, NM)
  • Elsa attended two trainings for ESL in Boulder
  • Andréa attended Rural Philanthropy Days (Creede, CO) and the Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference (Avon, CO)
  • Chris and Jason were frustrated that they didn’t have trainings to attend
  • watching the lunar eclipse while eating half-moon pies
  • house-sitting for various co-workers
  • Jason and Chris went rock-climbing in Penitente Canyon with some AmeriCorp friends
  • gorging on crepes and ice cream the night before a hike….and afterwards.
  • hiking our second 14-er in the region – San Luis peak, nestled in the San Juan mountains, a beautiful meandering hike through valleys of groves and meadows and then a steep but manageable trek to the rocky summit
  • ALMOST getting our Subaru Forester stuck numerous times in numerous locations throughout the Valley (and getting mud splattered all over our clothing)
  • Eva had a close run-in with an elk…while relieving herself in an alpine meadow
  • Jason brewed kombucha
  • back-rubs, back-rubs, back-rubs
  • Chris and Jason playing volleyball every Wednesday
  • late evening runs (sometimes combined with Andréa’s killer work-out routine)
  • reaping zucchini from our front yard garden
  • Jason shaved his beard (a process spread out over several days – muttonchops, fu manchu, clean-shaven)
  • Elsa ran into a former camper (from 2 years prior) at the grocery store
  • attending the PALS fundraiser banquet (PALS is a children’s program for kids who have dealt with trauma)
  • chilly mornings, hot days, and cool evenings
  • continuing to enjoy life and making each other (and ourselves) laugh (a lot)

Countdown of foods left on the side of the highway

(inconveniently placed on top of the car at 5:30 a.m.)

3 Bear Naked energy bars

2 apples

1 bagel with cream cheese and spinach


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