Bishop’s Castle – April 23

The weekend of April 23rd we went up to Colorado Springs for a concert by the Stray Birds, on the way we stopped by Bishop’s Castle which is a castle in the middle of the mountains. That a man built all himself over the course of 40 years. It is completely open to the public and is really awesome.

Bishop Castle 1

Bishop Castle

Bishop Castle 4

Bishop Castle in full view

Bishop Castle 6

Jason already exploring

Bishop Castle 7

The inside

Bishop Castle 8

All built by one guy over a 40 year period

Bishop Castle 9

Scariest part, due to the wind

Bishop Castle 10

In a ball of metal

Bishop Castle 11

Eva freaked out, but still smiling

Bishop Castle 12

Looking down

Bishop Castle 13

The inside again

Bishop Castle 14

That is the metal ball we were in

Bishop Castle 15

Eva on the tall tower

Bishop Castle 16

Elsa reading a sign in the basement of castle

Bishop Castle 18

The inside again, you can have weddings in here.

Bishop Castle 19

Looking out at the world.

Bishop Castle 22

Being funny for the camera

Bishop Castle 20

The group, all of us in chacos except Eva.


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